Raising the Bar Pt. 1



MOCVIDEO and Mike Pulcinella are proud to offer you this series of dvd's that are groundbreaking and sheds light on the world of amateur bodybuilding. This is not a MOCVIDEO production, but we have worked with Mike and constantly use him as an inspirational and knowledgeable source. Mike has, and continues, to help MOCVIDEO with future projects, so we will have his entire run of dvd's he produces available here for you to purchase. Enjoy!!

A rare, no-holds-barred look inside the world of competitive bodybuilding. Follow Dave Pulcinella through every facet of his life as he trains, eats and prepares for a big contest. This video is an incredible production that will make you laugh, cry and cringe all at once!

On June 21, 2003 David Pulcinella ended a 7 year, self-imposed retirement from his beloved sport of bodybuilding and decisively won both the N.P.C. Delaware State and East Coast titles. He was not content to stop there. Dave decided, on the eve of his 40th birthday, to attempt to become the “King of Delaware” two years in a row.

This ground-breaking documentary follows Dave and several other male and female bodybuilders and figure competitors during the 20 grueling weeks leading up to the contest. The result is a chronicle of lives lived in pursuit of perfection and of the relentless preparation and determination necessary to make it in this most misunderstood of sports.

Shocking, disturbing, moving and sometimes hilarious, you will get an inside look into an extreme lifestyle that few attempt...

....and still fewer achieve.

A Mike Pulcinella Film; Running time: Approximately 107 minutes; DVD-Video NTSC.

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  • Manufactured by: Mike Pulcinella

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