2005 Ms Olympia Finals DVD

2005 Mr Olympia DVD

255 minutes / 2 disc set dvd
Released : May 25th 2006

Produced by 2005 MR.OLYMPIA LLC
Fitness & Figure Olympia contest footage
provided by OLYMPIA LLC.

Athletes Meeting, Press Conference,
Backstage actions, all prejudging and
bodybuilding finals shot & edited by
Mitsuru Okabe.

IFBB Official Olympia Contest Video.

Disc One : 124 Minutes
Athletes Meeting / all three, 14 min.
Press Conference / all three, 12 min.
Ms. O Prejudging / individual & comparison, 35 min.
Ms. O Finals / 63 min.

Disc Two : 131 Minutes
Ms. Fitness Prejudging / Swimsuits, routine 34 min.
Ms. Figure Prejudging / 29 min.
Ms. Fitness & Ms. Figure Finals / 68 min.


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