Q: Who is MocVideo?

A: Mocvideo is the brainchild of Mitsuru Okabe, the pioneer of video in the bodybuilding world. He was the first to gain access to the best and baddest bodybuilders in the world. They took him in with open arms and MocVideo grew into the powerhouse now known across the world. Recently Mitsuru passed down MocVideo/Mitsuru Okabe Inc. to Bruce and Lee Lester. We have worked hand in hand with Mitsuru to ensure that MocVideo runs smoothly and just as good, if not better, as before.

Q: Will there be a Battle for the Olympia 2008 or 2009?

A: Unfortunately, no! Bruce and Lee took over Mocvideo in 2008, right at the time that the BFO would have been filmed, so that was impossible for 2008. 2009 was very slow in DVD sales and we were focusing on getting a couple new titles out, which we did (Troy Alves Resurrection, David Henry Beyond Motivated, and Stan McQuay Rising Sun). We did not have resources to do the BFO 2009, and vowed to bring that series back in 2010, which we did!

Q: What new projects are in the works?

A: We are shooting to produce 2-3 DVD's each year. We always have athletes in our sights, but only a certain amount of production time for each. We will do our best to get the most interesting, personable, and intriguing athletes we can. If you are an IFBB Pro, or top level Amateur looking make a DVD, feel free to contact us. Why shoot with us? Simple, EXPOSURE and EASE! We have the most recognized name in bodybuilding films, period! Nobody comes close to us. Any bodybuilder out there that has a video collection of their favorite athletes, most likely has our titles!

Q: What does it take to be a distributor of your dvd's?

A: To order at a wholesale level you need to have a website or an outlet to sell that you can verify. There are thousands of websites that could benefit by selling our dvd's, all you have to do is contact us. Minimum orders are small and we ship all orders for FREE, no matter what country you are in. This keeps your profits high and you can re-order whenever you like.


Q: How/When do you ship your dvd's?

A: We ship using USPS and FEDEX. Shipping time is usually within one business day of ordering and paying. If you are domestic you will receive notification of shipment/tracking from, so please white list that, or check your junk mail for tracking.


Q: What if I received a Pirated copy of your dvd?

A: Unfortunately there are assholes out there that will take what we work hard to produce, and distribute it as their own. We are actively working on preventing piracy and will pursue people that we feel are profiting on our copyright material. Please contact us with the details of where you attained the copy (website, address, any relevant info) and we will look into it. We appreciate all of your support and the support you show us and the professional athletes in this matter.


Q: My DVD has a hologram on it, what's up with that?

A: As a method to help deter piracy we place holograms on EVERY new title we produce. Any dvd produced by us after 2008 has holograms on them.






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