Craig Titus / The Video Version 2.1 DVD

Craig Titus / The Video version 2.1 DVD

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Craig Titus / The Video version 2.1 DVD

Approx. 62 minutes + 1 minute extra
single disc dvd
Released : Aug. 16th, 2006
Originally Released : July 1998

Produced By: Mitsuru Okabe
Replicated and Distributed By: Mocvideo Productions LLC

Filmed prior to the 1996 NPC USA's which Craig Won and attained his Pro Card to the IFBB.

This is one of the best "REAL" dvd's out there of an Amateur slugging his way through the trenches to getting his ever elusive Pro Card in the IFBB. This DVD chronicles Craig's last eight weeks up to the contest, and includes contest footage of him winning at the USA's.

In depth interviews, and conversation with Craig regarding training, diet and supplementation (legal of course). A VERY good dvd.

Craig and his wife Kelly Ryan were convicted in 2008, in the killing of Melissa James. Details and updates are available [here].

NOTE: Craig Titus receives absolutely NO royalties or compensation from this dvd. He signed a contract at the filming of this that gave MOCVIDEO all rights to this dvd. He never has made a dime from this and never will.


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