David Henry Beyond Motivated 2 Disc DVD

David Henry Beyond Motivated 2 Disc DVD

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David Henry Beyond Motivated 2 Disc DVD

Approx. 6 hours / Two disc dvd
Released : March 10, 2010

Produced By: Bruce and Lee Lester
Replicated and Distributed By: Mocvideo Productions LLC

David Henry -- the first-ever 202 pound class Mr. Olympia -- is a highly driven individual.

No matter if the pursuits are family, his full-time active duty military career, or bodybuilding. David's dedication and hard work has been his recipe for success.

Beyond Motivated takes you inside David Henry's world as he prepares to defend his 202-pound class title at the 2009 IFBB Mr. Olympia. Witness his DC style workouts, posing, food preparation, and other lifestyle segments -- all of which contribute to David's status as a top IFBB pro.

Bonus footage includes home movies of his family, horseback riding trip, and a post Olympia acupuncture session with Dr. Scott Stevenson.

David Henry is not a fan of odd numbers -- except the number 1 -- which is what keep's him Beyond Motivated!

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