The Battle For The Olympia 1998 DVD

Battle for the Olympia 1998 DVD
The Battle For The Olympia 1998 DVD

124 minutes / Single disc
DVD Re-released : August 10th, 2007
Originally released : February 1999

Produced By: Mitsuru Okabe
Replicated and Distributed By: Mocvideo Productions LLC

All contents are same as original VHS.
Color + B&W

Darrem Charles : Chest
Paul Dillett : Shoulders
Aaron Baker & Robbie Robinson : Chest + Arms
Chris Cormier : Back
Gunter Schlierkamp & Frank Hillebrand : Back
Flex Wheeler : Legs + Arms + Posing
Lee Priest : Chest
Kevin Levrone : Chest (495 lbs bench presses)
Shawn Ray : Shoulders
Jean Pierre Fux : Back
Milos Sarcev : Full Body (carb depletion workout)
Ahmed Haidar : In room posing with Samir Bannout
Johnny Moya : after Olympia
Ronnie Coleman : Back + Biceps

Press conference and backstage footage.


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